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Tuesday, 2 of March 2021

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Tokyo Mosque  

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Tokyo Mosque

The Tokyo Mosque, planned since 1908 was finally completed in 1938, with generous financial support from the zaibatsu. Its first imams were Abdurresid Ibrahim (1857–1944), who had returned in 1938, and Abdulhay Qorbangali (1889–1972). Japanese Muslims played little role in building these mosques. To date there have been no Japanese who have become Imam of any of the mosques with the exception of Shaykh Ibrahim Sawada, imam of the Ahlulbayt Islamic Centre in Tokyo.

Turkish Culture Centre, Tokyo

The Mosque was destroyed in 1986 because of many years wear and tear effect and building land was donated by Tokyo Turkish Associaton to Turkish Republic on condition that a new Mosque is built.

Then, on behalf of Turksih Republic Religious Affairs Presidency (TC Diyanet Isleri Baskanligi), with the presidency of Turkish Religious Affairs President Mr. Mehmet Nuri Yilmaz was founded the Tokyo Camii Foundation (i.e. Tokyo Camii Vakfi). New Tokyo Camii Foundation initated the Mosque construction in 1998 and completed in 2000.

Guest room inside the Tokyo Mosque

The Mosque and Culture Center’s rough works were carried out by Kajima Corporation and fine works and artistic decoration by Turkish masters and artists. Architect of the Mosque is Muharrem Hilmi Senalp. Project was coodinated by Sumio Ito and Akira Wakabayasi in Japanese side, and by Sami Goren in turkish Side.
(Photo: Guest room inside the Tokyo Mosque)

Chiefs of building site were Tsuruki Furukawa and his assistant Teiji Omata of Japan and Mustafa Iskender of Turkey.

Prayer Hall of Tokyo Mosque On the marble over entrance door to cultural centre inscribed a poem, giving te date of 1420 A.H. (Construction date of the Tokyo Mosque) according to the calculation system of letters in Arabic: ” The Tokyo Camii “, ” Lord’s worshipping place “, ” Brought to this land eternal glace “.
(Photo: Prayer Hall of Tokyo Mosque)

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