Mosque of Malkoch Bey, Siklos

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Hungary

Friday, 14 of May 2021

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Mosque of Malkoch Bey, Siklos  

Mosques of Hungary

Malkocs bej dzsami

Mosque of Malkoch Bey

The Mosque of Malkoch Bey was built in the 16th century (1543-1565) by the turkish leader Malkoch Bey during the Ottoman occupation. The reconstruction of the mosque is unrivalled in Hungarian building protection. The building won the Europa Nostra prize in 1993.

Malkocs bej dzsami

The Jakovali Hassan mosque in Pecs, and the Malkocs Bej mosque in Siklos, a rundown town near the Croatian border, seem restrained. Jakovali Hassan is Hungary’s only intact mosque and the most sensitively restored. The monastery that once adjoined it is long gone, and now it is jammed between three-storey buildings, its minaret poking up hopefully behind, an oddity in a street some way from the town’s attractions.

Malkocs Bej mosque in Siklos

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