Khania Dighi Masjid, Rajshahi

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Friday, 14 of May 2021

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Khania Dighi Masjid, Rajshahi  

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Rajbibi Masjid

Khania Dighi Masjid

The Khania Dighi Mosque, also known as Rajbibi Masjid in Chapai Nawabganj in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Khania Dighi Masjid, Rajshahi

Khania Dighi Masjid is located on bank of Khania Dighi which is about a quarter mile away from the high mud wall of the ancient city of Gaur on the north and the Balia Dighi on the west in Nawabganj district. Its a 14th century masjid, a valuable archeological heritage of Bangladesh.

Rajbibi Masjid

The single-domed masjid built in 1490, is in Chapara village and is in reasonably good condition. It also has some ornately decorated walls, but here they are embellished primarily with terracotta floral designs. Like Chot Sona masjid, it also features some highly ornate stone work, primarily on the three arched entrance on the western wall.

Khania Dighi Masjid, Bangladesh

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