Great Mosque of Aurangzeb

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Thursday, 21 of January 2021

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The Great Mosque of Aurangzeb, Banaras  

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The Gyanvapi Mosque

Gyanvapi Mosque

The Gyanvapi mosque was raised by the Aurangzeb near the present Vishwanath Temple or the Golden Temple.
The Vishwanath temple was largely replaced and was utilised as the qibla wall of the large mosque constructed in its place, underscoring Aurangzeb`s displeasure with Banaras politically and religiously `active Hindu elite`. In present times this mosque, whose facade is modelled partially on the entrance to the Taj Mahal, is legendary as the Gyanvapi mosque. The name of the patron is not known and its construction is cited in no Mughal text either, making architecture of Varanasi during Aurangzeb stand out as specialised `Mughal dynastic` construction as different from its erstwhile counterparts.

Great Mosque of Aurangzeb

The mosque has minarets towering 71m above the Ganges and was constructed using columns from the Bineswar temple raised by Aurangzeb worth seeing.

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