Etíhem Bey Mosque, Tirana

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Albania

Sunday, 21 of July 2019

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Mosques of Albania

Et'hem Bey Mosque and clock tower

Year of construction: 1789-1823 AD.
Established by: Haxhi Ethem Bey

Etíhem Bey Mosque, Tirana

The Etíhem Bey Mosque is located in the center of the Albanian capital Tirana. Construction was started in 1789 by Molla Bey and it was finished in 1823 by his son Ethem Pasha (Haxhi Ethem Bey), great-grandson of Sulejman Pasha.

Etíhem Bey Mosque, Tirana

During the totalitarianism of the Socialist Peopleís Republic of Albania, the mosque was closed. In January 18, 1991, despite opposition from communist authorities, 10,000 people entered carrying flags. This was at the onset of the fall of communism in Albania. The frescoes of the mosque depict trees, waterfalls and bridges; still life paintings are a rarity in Islamic art.
Tours of the mosque are given daily, though not during prayer service.

Etíhem Bey Mosque, Tirana

Et'hem Bey Mosque and clock tower in the old photo by 1943 year.