Baitul Futuh, London

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Wednesday, 3 of June 2020

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Baitul Futuh, London  

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House of Victories

Baitul Futuh, London

The Bait’ul Futuh Mosque (Engl.: House of Victories) is the largest mosque in Western Europe. It was built by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in 2003. It is in the south-west London suburb of Morden.

The Bait’ul Futuh Mosque organises several events to serve Muslims and the wider community. Other than holding regular prayers, its services to the wider community include annual Peace Conferences, School tours and local community events such as the ‘Merton Youth Partnership Annual Conference.’ and hosting the BBC Radio 4 Programme ‘Question time?’

Bait’ul Futuh Mosque

The Baitul Futuh Mosque has also been acting as the center for the ‘Loyalty, Freedom and Peace Campaign’ in order for the west to recognize Islam as a peaceful religion and to improve the Integration of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The Mosque has also been voted in the top 50 buildings in the world by Spectator magazine

Mosque House of Victories

Site Particulars
Total Site Area 5.2 Acres

Dome Particulars

Size & Height of Dome 16m Diameter
23m Above Ground Level
8m Above Roof
377m2 of Stainless Steel Surface Area
11km of Timber Batten support Frame
9m of ply sheeting

Minaret Particulars

Minaret 1 35m High
Minaret 2 25.5m High

Site Particulars Prayer Capacities

* Total Area of Mosque 4000
* Ancillary Areas in Mosque 2000
* Remainder of other Areas 4500