Baitul Aman Masjid, Barisal

Most important Islamic historical Centers of Bangladesh

Thursday, 21 of January 2021

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Baitul Aman Masjid, Barisal  

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Baitul Aman Masjid

The most beautiful Mosque in Bangladesh, situated in Barishal, he mosque was built 20 kms away from Barishal in a place called Ujirpur, it is supposed that it took 210 million tk to build this mosque, this mosque is outstanding to look at, the best equipments hav been used, it is well decorated with lights, frames, it has speakers of BOSE, so the Azan is very melodius, the area is huge with a Madrasa, Eidgah, pond and garden. it has 30 stuffs to look after the mosque.

Baitul Aman Masjid, Barisal

This mosque has seperate place for women to perform Salaah.

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