Mosques of Albania

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Wednesday, 3 of June 2020

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Etíhem Bey Mosque (Tirana)  

Mosques of Albania

Year of construction: 1789-1823 AD.
Established by: Haxhi Ethem Bey

Etíhem Bey Mosque, Tirana

The Etíhem Bey Mosque is located in the center of the Albanian capital Tirana. Construction was started in 1789 by Molla Bey and it was finished in 1823 by his son Ethem Pasha (Haxhi Ethem Bey), great-grandson of Sulejman Pasha.


Year of construction: 1773 AD.
Established by: Mehmed Bushati

Lead Mosque, Albania

Lead Mosque (Albanian: Xhamia e Plumbit) is a historical mosque in Shkoder, northwestern Albania. It is located on a small lake and is not functional.
It took the name Lead Mosque, because all of its cupolas were covered with lead.
The Lead Mosque was built in 1773 by the Albanian pasha Mehmed Bushati of the noble Bushati family, who was vizier of Pashalik of Scutari at the time. Through this act, he intended to give his city of birth, the feeling of the capital. It is said that the mosque's edifice was built on land owned by the catholic church...